Nicole Scherzinger:Killer Love (2011)

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Killer Love Deluxe300
Deluxe Edition
  1. Poison
  2. Killer Lover
  3. Don't Hold Your Breath
  4. Right There
  5. You Will Be Loved
  6. Wet
  7. Say Yes
  8. Club Banger Nation
  9. Power's Out (featuring Sting)
  10. Desperate
  11. Everybody
  12. Heartbeat (Rudi Wells' Open Heart Remix) (by Enrique Iglesias (featuring Nicole Scherzinger))
  13. Casualty
  14. AmenJena
    Deluxe Edition bonus tracks:
  15. Right There (featuring 50 Cent)
  16. Try With Me
  17. Trust Me I Lie
  18. Tomorrow Never Dies

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