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The Cipher

This song is by Nicki Minaj and appears on the Mixtape Barbie World (2010).

Call Me Dracula cause all I do is count chips
Ya money minnie I ain't talkin' 'bout the mouse trick
These girls runnin' like I jus threw da bouquet
They know I'm Headed to the top like a 2pay

Now all the bums is wonderin where I beez at
If you ain't a BARBIE its none of ya freakin beezwax!
These little rappers I could see dem in my dash cam
I know they grouchy like oscar up out the trash can

I'm on stage you can sit the crowd
I be up in leer jets make a left at the cloud *Ha-Ha*
I Think she need the heimlic she the chokin kind
She gets no burn no smokin' sign *cheaa*
Metaphor heaven
So they approve Nicki like my credit score seven
Mac'n'cheese Stix, Fried Chicken, The Guts
And I'm killin' dese bxtchez mike vickin it UP!

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