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Mi Casa

This song is by Nicki Minaj and appears on the Mixtape Barbie World (2010).

I got that hard Gucc
You know these bitches easy
I got that cold flu
I got that itchy sneezy
You in that Mitsubishi
I'm in that Bentley GT
I'm taking trips with papi
You walkie talkie copy
I got them pookie feins
Might rock some juicy jeans
I mean some juicy sweats
Maybe some lose your giusepp's
I play foul no free throw
Bitch I ball no pre-show
Dead ass no peep show!
Brought a run pronto
With a front condo
Daughter, son, John Doe
Watching tele-mundo
Flyer than a rocket
Money in my Polly Pocket
What you copping
Keep that work inside my Pippy Long Stockings

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