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Gettin Cake

This song is by Nicki Minaj and appears on the Mixtape Barbie World (2010).

[Nicki Minaj] Verse 1
Uh, Yo, Yo, Yo
Ima bad woof, boutta get a mani ped.
I'm the big bad wolf and ya granny dead.
Even though I'm in MEX-I-CO
I rep New York like plexy cov?
Now Loook, switch my name now I'm celebratin' honnakuh
Lewinski bitches, Young Money Monica
I been hotï"¿ since headchog sonica could you pass me da keys to tha tonica I mean tonka, that's the truck bitches
Fuck You, and fuck all of you fuck bitches
Matter fact, put some sprinkles on ma cupcakes
And get ready to put ya dimples in this ducktape

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