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​I Quit, You Fat Motherfucker

This song is by Nice Peter and appears on the album Songs For Moms (2007).

Well I got me a job at a run-down diner
Big good tips and it couldn't be finer,
Till some lady said that I was being rude.
She said "My soup's too hot and my coffee's cold."
I said "Ma'am that's because your old."
And I decided right then to spit somethin' in her food.

So I found a plate and I hocked somethin' in it
And wouldn't you know it that at just that minute
The manager was comin' round that curve.(round that curve)
He said "Boy, you just must be crazy, not to mention dumb and lazy."
I gave that fat bitch just what he deserved.

I said
"I quit you fat mother fucker,
You can take this job and shove it up your ass."
I said "I quit, you fat mother fucker.
I'm going home and I'm smoking grass."

Well, we all gotta work just to stay alive
And everybody's workin' that 9 to 5
And workin', man it sure can make you sick.
When you been workin' 5 years at the same damn place,
And the boss keeps screamin' in your Goddamn face
And you wanna tell that asshole to suck yo (suck my big fat) dick.

Stand up for yourself and be a man,
You can do it, anybody can.
Give that fat man a big fat piece of yo mind.
Tell him that you want a raise,
And if he lives in right in your face,
Bend right over and show him your behind.

And say

Everybody's doin' what they can
And we're all sick of workin' for the man.
So stand up straight and let your voice be heard.(la la la, la la la)
Sing this song and flip your boss the birrrd.

And tellll himmm

I quit, you fat ass, mother fucccker, whoa-oa
You can take this job and shove it up your ass.
IIII said I quit, you big fat stinky (like an old ass ham sandwich) mother fucker. whoa-oa
I'm going home (a-ooh), and I'm smokin'(a-ooh)
Lord I'm tokin'(a-ooh)
Lord I'm smokin' grassss.
I'm smo