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The Lass Of London City

This song is by Nic Jones and appears on the album Nic Jones (1971).

Well as I was a-walking up White Copper Alley,
As I was a-walking out one fine day,
A lass neat and pretty from fair London City,
Her cheeks were like roses, her colour was gay.

And I stepped up to her a-thinking to gain her,
Saying, "Where are you going you pretty fair maid?"
And kisses I vented and love I pretended,
For all was in vain 'cause she was a maid.

"Oh I can not, I will not, I shall not, I dare not
Submit to your passions for I am afraid;
Friends will discover I have a new lover
And then they will call me a wanton young jade,"

But I said, "Me dear there's no need to fear.
We'll go to some inn where we shall not be known."
And then she relented, at last she consented,
"But first, kind Sir, some money pay down."

And hearing these words it made me right anxious
To think I should purchase a pretty fair maid;
And when she demanded five guineas, t'was granted
And when we'd had supper we went to bed.

But I being tired and weary of drinking,
And I being tired and weary of play,
I fell a-nodding and she fell a-robbing
And left the old bedroom before it was day.

And I turned to kiss her and then I missed her;
I looked for me wallet right under me head.
But the lady had plundered, I roared out like thunder;
All was in vain for the lady had fled.

And it's not the gold watch and me silver I value,
It's not the gold watch and the silver I crave.
I think some young doctor will be me conductor,
I wish I'd not met with that pretty fair maid.

Credits Edit

  • Traditional/Arranged Nic Jones
  • Roud Folk Song Index #1554

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