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Newport Street

This song is by Nic Jones and appears on the album From The Devil To A Stranger (1978).

In Newport Street it was reported:
A comely woman there did dwell,
And by a serving man was courted
Who loved this lady exceeding well.

He says, "My dear, let us get married!
Oh dearest love, don't you dislike me;
I'll work for you both late and early
If you my wedded wife will be."

She says, "Kind sir, let us consider,
We are both yet too young to wed.
When we are married we're bound together;
Let us live single for another year."

But then he saw her dancing with some other,
A jealous thought ran into his mind.
For to destroy his own true lover
He gave her poison in a glass of wine.

She drank the wine and then she halted,
"Oh dearest love, oh and pray take me.
That glass of wine you just now gave me
Makes me as sick as I can be."

As they were walking home together
These very words he told to her:
"That glass of wine I just now gave you
It will soon take your sweet life away."

Credits Edit

  • Traditional/Arranged Nic Jones
  • Roud Folk Song Index #218

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