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Master Kilby

This song is by Nic Jones and appears…

In the heat of the day when the sun shines so freely
I met Master Kilby so fine and so gay.

Well, I pulled off my hat and I bowed to the ground,
And I said, "Master Kilby, oh, where are you bound?"

"I'm bound for the west in hopes to find rest;
And in the arms of my dear Nancy I'll build a new nest.

She's the girl that I adore, she's the choice of my heart;
And her skin shines like silver in every part.

And if I was the master of ten thousand pounds
In bright gold and silver or in King William's crowns,

I would part with it all with my own heart so freely:
It's all for the sake of my charming Nancy.

Oh, I gave her some kisses, it was down by the sea shore;
But still she lay asking, lay asking for more."

Credits Edit

  • Traditional/Arranged Nic Jones
  • Roud Folk Song Index #1434

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