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Fare Thee Well My Dearest Dear

This song is by Nic Jones and appears on the live compilation album Unearthed (2001).

Fare thee well my dearest dear fare thee well adieu
For I must go to sea for the love of you
Love and a faithful heart and you must bear the smart
Since you and I must part my own true dove.

Silver and gold houses and land
What more can you desire love? Don't complain
Jewels you shall have and servants to wait all on you
But you must think on me when I am gone.

Your gold I'll count like dust when that you are fled
Your absence proves me lost and it strikes me dead
When you are from me servants then I'll have none at all
I'd rather live alone than in company.

So she dressed up herself all in man's attire
For to go to sea it was her heart's desire
And she's cut her lovely hair and no mistrust was there
That she a maiden was all at that time

To Venice we were bound all in hearts content
No thoughts of our ship being wrecked away we went
And from London in one day then we were cast away
Which caused our lives to lay in discontent

Our ship being cast away misfortune it did frown
And I swam to the shore but my love was drowned
And now she lies in the deep in everlasting sleep
Which causes me to weep for evermore

Credits Edit

  • Traditional/Arranged Nic Jones
  • Roud Folk Song Index #2540

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