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Don't You Be Foolish, Pray

This song is by Nic Jones and appears on the album Ballads And Songs (1970).

Now Hodge met Molly the miller's maid, who long his suit denied,
And, half inclined, half afraid, he did scratch his old head and cry:
"Now Molly, while I love you so, why still our hearts deny".
"Come hang it, and to the parson go - "
"And now don't you be foolish, pray".

And Molly with an artful blush that shamed a rose's hue,
She cried to Hodge: "I pray you, hush!"
"And I pray you speak softly, do!"
"We will be overhead, I know".
"The mill won't work today, and so, dear Hodge, let go of me hand!"
"And now don't you be foolish, pray!"

And Hodge has chide'd that has stand,
He says: "Then goodbye!"
"I'm going to give young Susan me hand - "
"Since now you do cast off high".

"Me cast you off?" cries Molly, "No!"
"The mill won't work today - "
"And so, dear Hodge, to church we'll go!"
"And now don't you be foolish, pray!"

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