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Courting Is A Pleasure

This song is by Nic Jones and appears on the album Penguin Eggs (1980).

Courting is a pleasure
Between my love and I;
And it's down in yon green valley
I'll meet her by and by.

It was down in yon green valley
She is my heart's delight:
"Molly, lovely Molly,
I will stay till broad daylight."

Going to church last Sunday,
My true love she passed me by.
I knew her mind was altered
By the roving of her eye.

Well I knew her mind was altered
To a lad of high degree:
"Molly, lovely Molly,
Your looks have wounded me."

Up came her love Willy
With a bottle in his hand,
Saying, "Drink this, lovely Molly,
For our love will never stand."

Saying, "Drink this, lovely Molly,
Let the bottle flask go free.
Ten guineas I'll wager,
That married we ne'er shall be."

Never marry a fair young maid
With a dark and a roving eye.
Just you kiss her and you embrace her,
Never tell her the reason why.

Just you kiss her and you embrace her
Till you cause her heart to yield;
For a faint-hearted soldier
Will never gain the field.

Farewell, Ballymonie,
Likewise the sweet Bann shore.
Farewell unto McCusky braes,
Will I never see more.

America lies far away,
That land I will go see;
And may all bad luck attend the one
Who parted my love and me.

Credits Edit

  • Traditional/Arranged Nic Jones
  • Roud Folk Song Index #454

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