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Bonny George Campbell

This song is by Nic Jones and appears on the live compilation album Unearthed (2001).

High upon Highlands and low upon Tay,
Bonny George Campbell he rode out on a day.
Saddled, bridled, so gallant rode he,
Home came his good horse but never came he.

Down came his mother dear with her heart filled with care,
Down came his bonny bride and she's curling her hair.
My meadow lies green and the corn is unshorn,
Bonny George Campbell he'll never return.

Saddled and bridled and booted rode he,
With a plume in his helmet and a sword by his knee.
Home came the saddle, all bloody to see,
Home came his good horse but never came he.

Credits Edit

  • Traditional/Arranged Nic Jones
  • Child Ballad #210
  • Roud Folk Song Index #338

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