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Heroic Dose

This song is by Newsted and appears on the album Heavy Metal Music (2013).

Survivor if I wake up
Hide to conceal
What I need I take of
What I want I steal
Bring near to make clear
Taste the poison
Memories reappear
Thunder lightnings son

Greater faith than liars
True to what is real
Take a look in my eyes
And see what you feel

See what you feel

Eternity ain't over until I can't make a sound
Emerging and unbroken
So long I've seen you around
Trying or I'm dying
I won't wallow in what I've done
Earthangel rising
Swallowing the sun
I promise it ain't over
Run life into the ground
Change of sea unspoken
So long you'll see me around
So long you've seen me around
So long I've seen you around

I take a chance by letting you in
I take the chance by getting poisoned again
I take a chance of getting stabbed in the back again

I want to say that I want to say
Don't want to make the same mistake
Stoic not fake
Heroic dose I take
Too much at stake
Heroic dose I take

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