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Late Evening

This song is by News From Babel and appears on the album Letters Home (1986).

In a late evening
Dark, but not so dark
Out to the river, we walked
A strange river, to us
In strange fields, in a valley
As strangers we strolled to the
Water, as sleeping falks do, in
Strange countries, who stroll
In an evening
- And over the river, a mountain
Alone, in the half dark
A mass of dense darkness
Of Blackness, and by it
A star - One Bright Star
To the right of the mountain
And near to its top, very close
To it, one star alone - "that
In light all the mass of the mountain
Held balanced;" a memory
Shook us, that none of us had, but
All shared, and at once started
Talking, who all knew this picture
This star and thus mountain, these
Masses and forces, these shapes and
Positions, this darkness and light
In its infinite sum
All we knew and remembered, who
Woke for a moment...
...In the midst of a journey
We never begin


Music by:

Lindsay Cooper.

Lyrics by:

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