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New York Dolls (1973)Edit

New York Dolls - New York Dolls
New York Dolls
  1. Personality Crisis
  2. Looking for a Kiss
  3. Vietnamese Baby
  4. Lonely Planet Boy
  5. Frankenstein
  6. Trash
  7. Bad Girl
  8. Subway Train
  9. Pills
  10. Private World
  11. Jet Boy

Too Much Too Soon (1974)Edit

New York Dolls - Too Much Too Soon
Too Much Too Soon
  1. Babylon
  2. Stranded in the Jungle
  3. Who Are the Mystery Girls?
  4. (There's Gonna Be A) Showdown
  5. It's Too Late
  6. Puss 'n' Boots
  7. Chatterbox
  8. Bad Detective
  9. Don't Start Me Talking
  10. Human Being

Red Patent Leather (1984)Edit

New York Dolls - Red Patent Leather
Red Patent Leather
  1. Red Patent Leather
  2. On Fire
  3. Something Else
  4. Daddy Rollin' Stone
  5. Ain't Got No Home / Dizzy Miss Lizzy
  6. Girls
  7. Down, Down Downtown
  8. Pirate Love
  9. Pills
  10. Teenage News
  11. Personality Crisis / Looking for a Kiss
  12. Stranded in the Jungle

Seven Day Weekend (1992)Edit

New York Dolls - Seven Day Weekend
Seven Day Weekend
  1. Seven Day Weekend
  2. Frankenstein
  3. Who Are the Mystery Girls?
  4. (There's Gonna Be A) Showdown
  5. Back in the USA
  6. Endless Party
  7. Jet Boy
  8. It's Too Late
  9. Bad Detective
  10. Lonely Planet Boy
  11. Subway Train
  12. Private World
  13. Trash
  14. Human Being
  15. Don't Start Me Talking
  16. Hoochie Coochie Man
  17. Great Big Kiss
  18. Vietnamese Baby
  19. Babylon

Live from Royal Festival Hall, 2004 (2004)Edit

New York Dolls - Live From Royal Festival Hall, 2004
Live from Royal Festival Hall, 2004
  1. Looking for a Kiss
  2. Puss n' Boots
  3. Subway Train
  4. Bad Girl
  5. You Can't Put Your Arms Around a Memory / Lonely Planet Boy
  6. Private World
  7. Vietnamese Baby
  8. Dialogue 1
  9. Frankenstein
  10. Babylon
  11. Dialogue 2
  12. Trash
  13. Jet Boy
  14. Personality Crisis
  15. Human Being

One Day It Will Please Us to Remember Even This (2006)Edit

New York Dolls - One Day It Will Please Us To Remember Even This
One Day It Will Please Us To Remember Even This
  1. We're All in Love
  2. Runnin' Around
  3. Plenty of Music
  4. Dance Like a Monkey
  5. Punishing World
  6. Maimed Happiness
  7. Fishnets & Cigarettes
  8. Gotta Get Away From Tommy
  9. Dancing on the Lip of a Volcano
  10. I Ain't Got Nothin'
  11. Rainbow Store
  12. Gimme Luv and Turn on the Light
  13. Take a Good Look at My Good Looks
  14. Seventeen

'Cause I Sez So (2009)Edit

New York Dolls - Cause I Sez So
'Cause I Sez So
  1. 'Cause I Sez So
  2. Muddy Bones
  3. Better Than You
  4. Lonely So Long
  5. My World
  6. This Is Ridiculous
  7. Temptation to Exist
  8. Making Rain
  9. Drowning
  10. Nobody Got No Bizness
  11. Trash
  12. Exorcism of Despair

Dancing Backward in High Heels (2011)Edit

New York Dolls - Dancing Backward In High Heels
Dancing Backward in High Heels
  1. Fool for You Baby
  2. Streetcake
  3. Fabulous Rant
  4. I'm So Fabulous
  5. Talk to Me Baby
  6. Kids Like You
  7. Round and Round She Goes
  8. You Don't Have to Cry
  9. I Sold My Heart to the Junkman
  10. Baby, Tell Me What I'm On
  11. Funky but Chic
  12. End of the Summer

Other SongsEdit

  1. (I'm Your) Hoochie Coochie Man
  2. (There's Gonna Be A) Showdown (Recorded At Planet Studios, NYC, March 1
  3. Ain't Got No Home/Dizzy Miss Lizzy
  4. Bad Girls
  5. Don't Mess With Cupid
  6. Don't Start Me Talkin'
  7. Fabulou Rant
  8. Pills/Hey Bo Diddley
  9. Street Cake

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