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Candy Girl (1983)Edit

New Edition - Candy Girl
Candy Girl
  1. Gimme Your Love
  2. She Gives Me a Bang
  3. Is This the End?
  4. Pass the Beat
  5. Popcorn Love
  6. Candy Girl
  7. Ooh Baby
  8. Should Never Have Told Me
  9. Gotta Have Your Lovin'
  10. Jealous Girl

New Edition (1984)Edit

New Edition - New Edition
New Edition
  1. Cool It Now
  2. Mr. Telephone Man
  3. I'm Leaving You Again
  4. Baby Love
  5. Delicious
  6. My Secret (Didja Gitit Yet?)
  7. Hide & Seek
  8. Lost in Love
  9. Kind of Girls We Like
  10. Maryann

All for Love (1985)Edit

New Edition - All For Love
All for Love
  1. Count Me Out
  2. A Little Bit of Love (Is All It Takes)
  3. Sweet Thing
  4. With You All the Way
  5. Let's Be Friends
  6. Kickback
  7. Tonight's Your Night
  8. Whispers in Bed
  9. Who Do You Trust?
  10. School
  11. All for Love

Christmas All Over the World (1985)Edit

New Edition - Christmas All Over the World
Christmas All Over the World
  1. Give Love on Christmas Day
  2. It's Christmas (All Over the World)
  3. Happy Holidays to You
  4. All I Want for Christmas (Is My Girl)
  5. The Joy of Christmas
  6. Singing Merry Christmas

Under the Blue Moon (1986)Edit

New Edition - Under The Blue Moon
Under the Blue Moon
  1. Earth Angel
  2. A Million to One
  3. Duke of Earl
  4. (Hey There) Lonely Girl
  5. A Thousand Miles Away
  6. What's Your Name?
  7. Tears on My Pillow
  8. Blue Moon
  9. Since I Don't Have You
  10. Bring Back the Memories

Heart Break (1988)Edit

New Edition - Heart Break
Heart Break
  1. Introduction
  2. That's the Way We're Livin'
  3. Where It All Started
  4. If It Isn't Love
  5. Skit #1
  6. N.E. Heartbreak
  7. Crucial
  8. Skit #2
  9. You're Not My Kind of Girl
  10. Superlady
  11. Can You Stand the Rain
  12. Competition
  13. Skit #3
  14. I'm Comin' Home
  15. Boys to Men

Home Again (1996)Edit

New Edition - Home Again
Home Again
  1. Oh, Yeah, It Feels So Good
  2. Hit Me Off
  3. You Don't Have to Worry
  4. Tighten It Up
  5. Shop Around
  6. Hear Me Out
  7. Something About You
  8. Try Again
  9. How Do You Like Your Love Served
  10. One More Day
  11. I'm Still in Love With You
  12. Thank You (The J.G. Interlude)
  13. Home Again

One Love (2004)Edit

New Edition - One Love
One Love
  1. Conference Call
  2. Been So Long
  3. Hot 2Nite
  4. Sexy Lady
  5. Last Time
  6. All on You
  7. Wildest Dreams
  8. Start Turnin' Me On
  9. Love Again
  10. One Love Interlude
  11. That's Why I Lied
  12. Come Home With Me
  13. Best Man
  14. Re-Write the Memories
  15. Newness
  16. Feelin' It
  17. Leave Me

Songs On Compilations And SoundtracksEdit

Other SongsEdit

  1. (Untitled Skit)
  2. All and All
  3. Helplessly in Love
  4. Hot 2nite (Remix)
  5. Intro
  6. Old Friends
  7. Siempre Tu
  8. You Don't Have to Worry (Bad Boy Remix)

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