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​Blue Bird Party

This song is by Neulander.

Good evening and welcome to the underground place
It's the last party for the human race
My idea is to play along
Slow march very sad songs

Heads all roll in the _______
Kings and teachers, businessmen and bums
Blue bird party,
Welcome, come on in

Your complaint is that it's lost too
Before you know it, you're in another room
A guest of a guest has put you on the list
Just like that, you don't exist
It's a taxing thought
When you consider being not

Blue bird party,
They'll take you where you want

Finally, they expect no complaints
If you're very lucky you'll be hanging out with saints
Over there, across that road
You're going to the last zip code

Make no mistake,
There's nothing you will take
Simply put,
You won't be awake.