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Focus On The Sound

This song is by Nephew and appears on the album DanmarkDenmark (2009).

Touch, touch your eyes
Touch your eyes with your hands
Watch your hands, watch your hands
With your eyes, eyes, eyes, eyes

Hear, hear your voice
Hear your voice with your ears
Taste the sound, taste the sound
With your lips, lips, lips, lips

When you stop for green
And desert the war
And you slap the queen
Focus on the sound
When you think you're right
And you print your blood
And you release the kite
Focus on the sound

Focus on the sound

Feel, feel the hope
Feel the hope in your guts
Trust your guts
Base your gut feeling on hope, hope, hope, hope

Love, love my name
Love my name with your heart
Name your child, name your child
After me

When you lie awake
And you say the words
Oh for heaven's sake
Focus on the sound
Når du går I stå
Og du vil igang
Og du banker på
Focus on the sound

Focus on the sound

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