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U Ain't Him

This song is by Nelly and appears on the album Brass Knuckles (2008).

Noo wayy

U ain't him
Stop it, within right now

U ain't him

Here I is, sorry to keep you waitin', but now am back with more fire to sayin' listen, wish man this track is blazin'

[? ] this track amazin', this track remind me when a studio [? ]
Our shit is far from legal [? ]

Hold up or I pop your brains, u wanna make no mistakes [? ]

And am talkin about no mess, am talkin the shit that chase

That shit gonna run u down [? ]

I hear alotta that I did this, I hear alotta that I did that
Mothafucka when u take a stand point at his name like he did that

[? ]

So like gangster

I dun believe u
So it's best play your part, and try be who u r, and u gotta to prove nothin to me muthafucka I know u got no harm.

U say u get your money right
I don't believe you
U say u lived the street life
I don't believe you
U say u get the chaos with u
I don't believe u
I know a gangster when I see him look buddy and
U ain't him

No no no and
U ain't him

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