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This song is by Negativland and appears on the album Negativland (1980).

Now, I started to tell you about
I don't know whether you want me to go back to that
But I'll tell ya how we stopped it
We said, number one
If anybody is kidnapped
Let 'em go, 'cause we're not gonna ransom
Not for ten cents
We will go after you
We'll kill you
We'll go after your wife
We'll kill her
We'll go after your children
We'll kill them
Your cats, your dogs, your pigs, and your chickens

Damn communists outta here
To keep the goddamn socialists outta here
To keep any ethnic group, with the exception of my own
From running the country

How would you respond if somebody says that you're a fascist?

How would I respond?
Shake hands with 'em and then punch 'em in the mouth

How about a militarist?

I'd kiss 'em

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