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Better Without You

This song is by Negative and appears on the album Sweet & Deceitful (2004) and on the compilation album God Likes Your Style (2009).

The nights are so long
This endless sleepless night
And something in me
Puuttuu lause.

It's all in my head,
Sometimes I can't forget
This can't be wrong,
I need some time,
I need some peace of mind.

Take me away,
But let my heart to stay
I need to feel depressive of your love
With me in to the place,
The place away from here
I need some time to myself away from you

That was a time when i
I was upsed and going insane
And I was begging you,
Begging you to stay
You said: this
You need to find yourself again
But all I needed is some peace of mind
And you're not what I need.

Take me away but let my heart to stay...

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