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​He Thrones on Thy Sins

This song is by Necrowretch and appears on the album With Serpents Scourge (2015).

The shade of death has overshadowed the sun
That I'll never see again
My eyes are cold as this tombstone
Where my fate has carried me

Evil One
Takes control
Total death
Beyond all

Call of the beast from beneath the ground
I can hear the chime of insanity
Digging to unleash the horror in clay
That strange idol who calls my name

"Awake me mortal
Son of the earth
Let me free
Beyond all"

"As mankind falls, the beast awakes
His servants chant to bind their fates
A storm of darkness embraces the earth
Thy sins enthroned the Lord of Hell"

Lord of death I summon thee
Come to me, spread the winds of hell