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This song is by Necrowretch and appears on the album Putrid Death Sorcery (2013).

Ravenous pack of growling beasts
Spawned by the entrails of hell
Crossing the gate of the enlightened realm
Seeking for blood and desecration

Viciously raping - reaching for their meal
Shattering the priest - mutilation
Semen of the beast - swallow juice of sin
Inverting the cross - hanging corpses - die

Rancid - fluids - are ingested
While - gnawing - their bones
Devour - them - as miasma falls
Pilgrims - tormented - their extinction

Bestial rites

The faithful - open wide - savage humiliation
Holy - virgins - offered to the beast
Sadist - sodomy - by the horns of evil
Whipped - quartered - within frantic bleating

Bestial rites

Pilgrimage - of the beast
Half man - goat-headed priest
Corruption - evil bleat
Flesh clan - bestial spree

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