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​By Evil and Beyond

This song is by Necrowretch and appears on the album With Serpents Scourge (2015).

Feel the holy grace of god
Before your journey into the dark
The screams of despair tormenting you
The call of death growing inside
Time has come to rejoin your lord
So tear your flesh with the knife
The blood flows outside of you
His delight comes when you die

Decades of putrid rotten flesh
Centuries to live in death
Fooled by the seven Lords of Hell
Your twisted soul is bound to them

Heaven that you've claimed to reach
Never lived but in your mind
Now you're doomed to crawl this earth
And you'll never find peace

Ancient Chaos has spawned the creature
Cursed by Evil and beyond

"Thou torments me - Lord of the night
Thou possess me - into the dead"

Ancient Chaos has spawned the creature
Cursed by evil and beyond