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The Pharaonic Dead

This song is by Necros Christos and appears on the album Doom Of The Occult (2011).

Hor-em-akhet over Kemet
Death-trance embalming of the dead
The coffin pool beneath Waset
Dead lights do mourn sarcophaget

Pyramidion obscene
Nilotic tribe's crownfall foreseen
The soul does reach kadingir-ra
The tomb was left by ib-scheut-ba

Dead monarch's reign of time and space
His soul descends into the maze
His spirit dwells in the cold void
Necropolistic body cult

The flesh's sanctum
Leather tongues whisper in thy tomb
Stone like eyes of kingly masks
Mingled with their corpse's wax

Foul vessel of the wind
All snakes in Egypt's sand

The pharaonic dead
In shrines they dress in darkness

Sech-em-re sched-taui ankh-ra
Thieves break in the pyramidia
Candles lit, descend the steps
Into the grave of blessedness

Open the box, exhume his face
Eyes open wide, mocking the grave's haze
Sarcophagi burn, amulets do bless
The slender throat of Nubhka-es

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