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Succumbed To Sarkum Phagum

This song is by Necros Christos and appears on the album Doom Of The Occult (2011).

Processum pharaonum ossuario
Ta sat aat - the place to go
Chamber of a million years
The tomb is waiting to be filled

The Ka is bound
To the underworld
Where silence of the tongues
Is the only word
No sun bestows light
Nor the blood's even red
No mountain to hide
It's the land of the dead

The bark is guided by Mehen
The dark has reached the crossing land
The soul is roaming the ancient maze
The body's mouldering in the grave

Dried and embalmed
The king does lay
In his cave while 9 slaves
Do obey
Serving the master in tombish doom
While the mummy's succumbed
To Sarkum Phagum

To Sarkum Phagum

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