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The Red Queen Effect

This song is by Navarone and appears on the album A Darker Shade of White (2012).

Bow for your queen
She's a craze and a sight to be seen
And she's been here before
Broken hearts bleeding red on the floor

She is a hunter and she doesn't pray
She will easily throw you away

She's a howl and a scream
All the roses are red in her dream
You better paint them red
You'll lose your head
She's as cruel as cruelty can get

Yeah she's a hunter and she doesn't pray

Now is the time
Better flee 'cause you won't hold the line
Oh, and you think that you will
Until all of your life is a still

Yeah she's as beautiful as she's cruel
Turns a king into a beggar fool

Take a bow
Take the pill
Surrender yourself to her will

You better run my friend
She'll take your hand
To pull you down to the bitter end

It ain't no love, it's just a haze

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