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This song is by Nausea and appears on the compilation album The Punk Terrorist Anthology Vol. 1 (2004).

Engines of destruction lurch into gear
Our destiny driven by greed and by fear
Progress, the bitter sweet pill we must taste
Alone we're exiled
To an earth laid to waste
With our very blood we must fuel the machine
The resultant carnage is fucking obscene
Madmen rush in where the sane fear to tread
Like cattle to slaughter
We are willingly led
Still born we lie cold and dead in our world
A womb made of concrete and steel
Lifeless mankind has become obsolete
Prey of
The reaper of death is a silicone brain
The last plague is progress
Leperous reign
From master to slave
We soon shall fall is consuming us all
A predestined hell
Unleashed by man's own hand
Eating away irreplaceable land
Displaced native people become refugees
They crawl to the axe
On hands and knees
Ground under the wheels of the microchip age
Lost in the translation
We just turn the page
As the sands of time are scattered
To the winds of fate
One looks back and wonders
If it's a little too late
Like parasites we slowly suck
The life out of our host
Devouring for profit
We've destroyed what's worth the most
As sickness spreads across the world
The sign of modern times
Multinationals commit environmental crimes
Protected by a web
Of bureaucratic red tape and lies
We've made laws
Which will insure mankind's demise
The earth becomes more intolerable
And hostile day by day
The fools just say that it's god's will
And kneel down to pray.

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