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Old Land of My Fathers (English translation)

Us, Bretons by heart, love our true country!
Armorica, famous throughout the world.
Without any fear in battle, our so good fathers,
Shed their blood for you.

Brittany, my country that I love,
As long as the sea, like a wall surrounds you,
Shall my country be free!

Brittany, land of the Old Saints, land of the bards,
There is no other country that I love as much.
Every mountain, every glen is the dearest to my heart,
Many an heroic Breton are resting there.

The Bretons are a strong and tough people.
No people under the skies is as brave as them,
Whether they may sing a sad gwerz or a nice song.
Oh, my so beautiful country!

If in the past Brittany may have been defeated in battle,
Her language will always remain well alive,
Her flaming heart is still beating in her chest :
You are now awakened, my dear Brittany!

Bro gozh ma zadoù (Breton original)

Ni, Breizhiz a galon, karomp hon gwir vro!
Brudet eo an Arvor dre ar bed tro-dro.
Dispont 'kreiz ar brezel, hon tadoù ken mat,
A skuilhas eviti o gwad.

Breizh, ma bro, me 'gar ma bro.
Tra ma vo mor 'vel mur 'n he zro,
Ra vezo digabestr ma bro!

Breizh, douar ar Sant Kozh, douar ar varzhed,
N'eus bro all a garan kement 'barzh ar bed.
Pep menez, pep traoñienn d'am c'halon zo ker,
Eno 'kousk meur a Vreizhad taer!

Ar Vretoned 'zo tud kalet ha kreñv.
N'eus pobl ken kalonek a-zindan an neñv.
Gwerz trist, son dudius a ziwan enno.
O! pegen kaer ez out, ma bro!

Mard eo bet trec'het Breizh er brezelioù bras,
He yezh a zo bepred ken bev ha biskoazh,
He c'halon virvidik a lamm c'hoazh 'n he c'hreiz.
Dihunet out bremañ, ma Breizh!