Natasha Bedingfield:N.B. (2007)

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  1. How Do You Do?
  2. I Wanna Have Your Babies
  3. Soulmate
  4. Who Knows
  5. Say It Again
  6. Pirate Bones
  7. Backyard
  8. Tricky Angel
  9. When You Know You Know / I Think They're Thinking (Interlude)
  10. (No More) What Ifs
  11. Not Givin' Up
  12. Still Here
  13. Smell The Roses
  14. The Scientist (Live) (iTunes Pre-order exclusive)
  15. These Words (Dwele remix) (iTunes Pre-order exclusive)
  16. Unwritten (Manny Marroquin mix) (iTunes exclusive)
  17. Lay Down (iTunes exclusive)
  18. Loved By You (iTunes exclusive)
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