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Album by Natacha Atlas.
  1. Adam's Lullaby
  2. Eye of the Duck (With TUUP & Princess Julianna)
  3. Something Dangerous (With Princess Julianna)
  4. Janamaan (with Kalia)
  5. Just Like a Dream (With Princess Julianna)
  6. Man's World
  7. Layali (with Zee Star)
  8. Simple Heart (with Sinéad O'Connor and Zee Star)
  9. Daymalhum
  10. Who's My Baby ((with Niara Scarlett)
  11. When I Close My Eyes (with Myra Boyle)
  12. This Realm
  13. Le Printemps (for Mona)
  14. Like the Last Drop

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