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​Second Life

This song is by Nasty and appears on the album Give A Shit (2010).

Yeah your're the hero,
You're looking so good!
And yes you are strong,
Such a powerful dude,
You know it all and tell even more!

This world is yours watch the rank you are highscore!
Digital player!
Critical slayer!
Photoshop goddess!
Second life oh yes!

Dating a girl,
She looked so cute,
Met her on the net.
I thought that she had the look,
Then I saw her live!

Gettin' confused!

She was like a pig,
Looked like a whore and abused!
You can talk lots of shit without gettin' hit!
You can fuck und fuck without cummin too fast!
You can lie to people,

Spit on them!
Crush people, shit on them!
Check a new reality
Far beyond living second life!

Cause real life hurts!

You're living second life,
Cause real life failed!

This is your second try,
Cause the first one failed!

You're living second life,
Cause real life hurts!