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Album by Nas.
  1. Album Intro
  2. The Message
  3. Street Dreams
  4. I Gave You Power
  5. Watch Dem Niggas (featuring Foxy Brown)
  6. Take It In Blood
  7. Nas Is Coming (featuring Dr. Dre)
  8. Affirmative Action (featuring AZ, Cormega and Foxy Brown)
  9. The Set Up (featuring Havoc)
  10. Black Girl Lost (featuring JoJo Hailey)
  11. Suspect (featuring Havoc and Mobb Deep)
  12. Shootouts
  13. Live Nigga Rap (featuring Mobb Deep)
  14. If I Ruled The World (Imagine That) (featuring Lauryn Hill)
  15. Silent Murder (International Bonus Track)

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