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Devouring Depraved

This song is by Napalm Death and appears on the album Words from the Exit Wound (1998).

Fall in line - a race to sacrifice
Blood red highs - select and televise

Fall in line - a race to sacrifice
Blood red highs - detract desensitize

Draining my lack of perception,
feeding the strength of remorse,
accepting these mute aggressions
for seeing the truth once more.

No one is listening.

Pushing connection to failure,
defacing our strength of worth.
No loyalty here for the twisted.
No saviour for the perverse.

This season treason.

Come so far just to go back,
to escape the rats - the potential craving lunacy.

Conducting reaction in fractions.
Judgements collective inapt;
addiction for this, the solution:
devouring depraved take the axe

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