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Ah! Even if I'm blown by a new wind
My dream won't change
That's right! Pokémon Master!

Still a way to go: the world is wide
The horizon tells me that
Still a way to go: my goal is far away
I know that, but instead it gets me fired up!

Dazzling and large it burns
Alone I swear to that morning sun
"I absolutely won't lose!"

Ah! Even if I stand in a new land
My road won't change
La-la, with the wind!

There are still new friends to meet,
I feel when I see the horizon
There is a lot to do still -
I'm strangely happy to think that!

To this this gentle, quiet, and wide
Setting sun I swear
"Protect us all"

Sometimes I feel I'm losing,
But on this adventure I'm not alone
So let's walk all together!

Ah! Even if I listen to a new cry
This word won't change
So! Get them, yeah!

Ah! Even if a new rival appears
My curiosity won't change
C'mon! Let's battle!