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This song is by Naoki.

Everyone dance with me, everyone
(Get on the dance floor now)
And this is your last chance for a dance tonight
(Ah, yeah)

Ready, set, go, c'mon take a chance
Move away till forever, dance
There's plenty more, what we've got in store
But this jam don't start until we hit the floor

So c'mon everybody, from left to right
D2R is here, it's party night
If you want romance, forget this show
On the floor, party now, forevermore

Everybody dance with me
Let the music move your feet
(C'mon, c'mon, c'mon)
Everybody dance with me
Dance with me, let the music move your feet for me

C'mon, baby
Work that body
We're gonna dance, dance, dance
All day, all night, ooh right

I'm gonna come back
With a rhyming fit
Below the deck
Here's another hit

Quicker to the steps
As high as I can see
Let your body jack
Till you feel the beat

All I wanna say is on the count of three
Put your hands in the air where my eyes can see
Nine to five, bring it to the floor
So c'mon, make me run up and move

Listen to the DJ play
Jams to make you wanna sway
So c'mon baby, take my hand, make some plan
Feel that romance is here to stay

Throw your hands up in the air
Wave them like you haven't got a care
I want you to romance with me, dance with me
Help the music set your body free


Written by:

Todd Snider