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Nanowarrior's Prayer

This song is by Nanowar and appears on the album Into Gay Pride Ride (2010).

Grandfather, tell me a story

Well, then.
I was standing on a hill, with a crown of steel
Before me, the armies of world

They can't stop us, let them try
For heavy metal we will die

And a talk to myself
What a wonderful world

Suddenly, a gust of wind came up from the north
There appeared a lone tricycler, holding a happy meal

Then, from the south came another
Bearing the battle dildo

From the east, came a third
Holding a baby-doll

Finally, from the west a nanorider
Wield a great tampax of war.

And the four spoke the words of the Nanowarrior's prayer
As I stood them, I looked on
I heard the armies of the whores
Blowjobbing them, without hands
And their voices of ecstasy.
Carried long and far throughout the land



Who were those warriors?

They were the METAL QUEERS.

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