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Come Back To Me

This song is by Nancy Wilson and appears on the album Broadway - My Way (1964).

Hear my voice where you are
Take a train, steal a car
Hop a freight, grab a star
Come back to me

Catch a plane, catch a breeze
On your hands, on your knees
Swim or fly, only please
Come back to me

On a mule, in a jet
With your hair in a net or a towel wringin' wet
I don't care, this is where
Where you should be

From the hills, from the shore
Ride the wind to my door
Turn the highway to dust
You can break the law if you must

Move the world, only just
Come back to me

Have you gone to the moon
Or the corner saloon and to rack and to ruin
We're well, where in hell
Can you be?

In a crate, in a trunk
On a horse, on a drunk
In a Rolls or a van
You can bring me mink or saran

Anything that you can
Only come back to me
Come back to me
Come back to me
Come back to me

Written by:

Burton Lane; Alan Jay Lerner

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