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This song is by Nadia Birkenstock and appears on the album Emerald Isles (2001).

By Killarney's takes and fells,
Em'rald isles and winding bays;
Mountain paths and woodland dells,
Mem'ry ever fondly strays.
Bounteous nature loves all lands
Beauty wanders ev'rywhere;
Footprints leaves on many strands,
But her home is surely there!
Angels fold their wings and rest,
In that Eden ot the West
Beauty's home Killarney,
Ever fair Killarney.

Innisfallen's ruines shrine
May suggest a passing sigh,
But man's faith can never decline,
Such God's wonders floating by.
Castle Lough and Glenabay,
Mountains Tore and eagle's nest,
Sitll at Muckeross you must pray,
Though the monks are now at reast.
Angels wonder not that man,
There would fain prolong life's span,
Beauty's home Killarney,
Ever fair Killarney.