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​Good Night!

This song is by Nadia Birkenstock and appears on the album Emerald Isles (2001).

Now good night! Our feast is ending,
Where in joyous troops attending,
Lord and Lady, maid and lover,
Dance and song with smiles were blending.
Beauty's smile unkonwn to guile,
And wit that shone but wounded none;
And manly worth and woman true,
Good night! And joy go home with you!

Good night! And softly o'er your slumbers
May your minstrel's meaures stealing
Spellbind still each care that cumbers,
Sitll subdue each stormy feeling.
Beauty, mirth and with and worth
Now fall to sleep most calm and deep,
Nor rouse till rosy morrow call;
Good Night! And joy go with you all!