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Live Onslaught (2002)Edit

Nachtmystium - Live Onslaught
Live Onslaught
  1. Intro
  2. Infernal Fury
  3. Under The Horns Of Darkness
  4. May Darkness Consume The Earth
  5. Black Metal Ist Krieg (cover of "Black Metal ist Krieg" by Nargaroth)

Reign Of The Malicious (2002)Edit

Reign of the malicious
Reign Of The Malicious
  1. Intro
  2. Reign Of The Malicious
  3. Hateful Descent
  4. Call Of The Ancient
  5. Ritual Sacrifice
  6. May Darkness Consume The Earth
  7. Lost Wisdom (cover of "Lost Wisdom" by Burzum)
  8. Under The Horns Of Darkness (Live)

Nachtmystium (2003)Edit

Nachtmystium - Nachtmystium
  1. The Glorious Moment
  2. Cold Tormentor (I've Become)
  3. Come Forth, Devastation
  4. Embrace Red Horizon
  5. Call Of The Ancient
  6. Gaze Upon Heaven In Flames (Judas Iscariot cover)

Live Blitzkrieg (2003)Edit

Nachtmystium - Live Blitzkrieg
Live Blitzkrieg
  1. Reign Of The Malicious
  2. Cold Tormentor (I've Become)
  3. The Glorious Moment
  4. Charioteer (Temple Song) (cover of "Charioteer (Temple Song)" by Earth)
  5. Ashes To Ashes
  6. Come Forth, Devastation
  7. Ashes To Ashes (Unreleased Rehearsal Version)

Demise (2004)Edit

Nachtmystium - Demise
  1. Intro
  2. Solitary Voyage
  3. Scorpio Incarnate
  4. Ashes To Ashes
  5. The Glorious Moment
  6. Rise And Fall
  7. Transmission Postmorten (Outro)

Eulogy IV (2004)Edit

Nachtmystium - Eulogy IV
Eulogy IV
  1. My Vengeance
  2. Eulogy IV
  3. Bleed For Thee
  4. The Wound Which Cannot Heal
  5. You Get Nothing
  6. Kronet (Ildjarn cover)
  7. Bak To Lysemde Oyne (Ildjarn cover)
  8. Satanic Blood (cover of "Satanic Blood" by Von)

Live Onslaught #2 (2005)Edit

  1. Antichrist Messiah/My Vengeance
  2. Cold Tormentor (I've Become)
  3. Solitary Voyage
  4. Bleed For Thee
  5. Keep Them Open

Instinct: Decay (2006)Edit

Nachtmystium - Instinct- Decay
Instinct: Decay
  1. Instinct
  2. A Seed For Suffering
  3. Keep Them Open
  4. Chosen By No One
  5. Circumvention
  6. Eternal Ground
  7. The Antichrist Messiah
  8. Here's To Hoping
  9. Abstract Nihilism
  10. Decay

Worldfall (2008)Edit

Nachtmystium - Worldfall
  1. Worldfall
  2. Depravity
  3. Solitary Voyage (Re-Recording)
  4. Rose Clouds Of Holocaust (cover of "Rose Clouds of Holocaust" by Death In June)
  5. IV (Goatsnake cover)

Assassins: Black Meddle Part I (2008)Edit

Nachtmystium - Assassins- Black Meddle Part I
Assassins: Black Meddle Part I
  1. One Of These Nights
  2. Assassins
  3. Ghosts Of Grace
  4. Away From Light
  5. Your True Enemy
  6. Code Negative
  7. Omnivore
  8. Seasick Pt. 1: Drowned At Dusk
  9. Seasick Pt. 2: Oceanborne
  10. Seasick Pt. 3: Silent Sunrise

Doomsday Derelicts (2009)Edit

Nachtmystium - Doomsday Derelicts
Doomsday Derelicts
  1. Bones
  2. Life Of Fire
  3. Hellish Overdose
  4. Pitch Black Cadence

Addicts: Black Meddle Part II (2010)Edit

Nachtmystium - Black Meddle Part II
Addicts: Black Meddle Part II
  1. Cry For Help
  2. High On Hate
  3. Nightfall
  4. No Funeral
  5. Then Fires
  6. Addicts
  7. The End Is Eternal
  8. Blood Trance Fusion
  9. Ruined Life Continuum
  10. Every Last Drop

Other SongsEdit

  1. Seasick

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