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This song is by Nachtmahr and appears on the album Veni Vidi Vici (2012).

Say sorry that you bled on me
But darling, you bleed well
Welcome to our little ride
Our little ride to hell

Naked, bound and willing
And with no chance to flee
I have you where I want you to
On display for me

Submit to me
And all I'll put you through
I wanna hear you beg that
I take my frustrations out on you

Submit to me
And you will see the light
That in your pain lies unseen pleasure
Freedom and delight

My whip will sing you lullabies
Begging yet for more
Shaking, moaning like a slut
Prostrated on the floor

Your skin shall be the notepad
A document to shame
To bear the marks of our encounter
Of our little game

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