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War On Errorism Commercial

This song is by NOFX and appears on the album The Longest EP (2010).

("American Errorist (I Hate Hate Haters)" plays)
EL HEFE: Gabba gabba hey, punk rock fans! This is El Hefe of NOFX, and I'm here to tell you about our brand new album: the War on Errorism! It's got 14 rockin' new songs, like this one:
("Separation of Church and Skate" plays)
But wait: there's more!
("13 Stitches" plays)
But wait: there's still more!
("Decom-poseur" plays)
There's still, still more!
("Jaw, Knee, Music" plays)
FAT MIKE: Dude ... that one didn't make the record.
EL HEFE: Oh. Well, how about this one:
("Glass War" plays)
FAT MIKE: That one didn't make the record, either.
EL HEFE: What about the classic "One Way Ticket to Fuckneckville?"
("One Way Ticket to Fuckneckville" plays)
FAT MIKE: Dude ... we're saving that one for Punk-O-Rama 28.
EL HEFE: Well, what about the one where I play the guitar lead?
("She's Nubs" plays)
And don't miss special guest vocalist, Eric Melvin!
EL HEFE: Once again, that's:
("American Errorist (I Hate Hate Haters)" plays)
EL HEFE: Well, there you go, punk rock fans. Don't forget to go out and get the new NOFX album, the War on Errorism, at an independent record store near you.

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