NOFX:Fun Things To Fuck (If You're A Winner) Lyrics

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Fun Things to Fuck (If You're a Winner)

This song is by NOFX and appears on the EP Surfer (2001).

Fun things to fuck
Fun things to fuck
Fun things to fuck
Fun things to fuck

Fuck the front door, fuck the back
Fuck the good girls with the knack
Fuck the Government until they fuck you back

Fuck a Muslim, fuck a Jew
Fuck fans of Blink 182
That's illegal if you were born in '83
Yeah, yeah, yeah

Fuck a bean cheese burrito
Fuck a bowl of cookie dough
Fuck the space between the big and neighbor toe

Fuck a cop
Fuck a marine
Fuck a jar of vaseline
Fuck a calzone with pepperoni

Fuck a midget, fuck a dwarf. Fuck Chris Cringle with an elf.
But before you fuck it all... Go fuck yourself!