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Time For Some Action

This song is by N.E.R.D and appears on the album Seeing Sounds (2008).

You know when I was a kid growing up, we used to love playing outside, riding bikes, it was the 80's, record heat waves. I mean people were like dying on the side of the road getting heat stokes, only thing you could do, was go in the house and you know take a shower couple times a day. So. I'll never forget I was like 7 years old, I closed my eyes and that's when it started, I started seeing sounds... Whoa!

Time for some action (x4)

Yeah there she is right there
I like it, Excuse me, Hey

Yeah you know the scenario
Images circle your mind like a merry go
If you just tune that into your stereo
Turn this bitch up here we go

Time for some action (4x)

I'm more like a vulture
Far from a dove
Don't you mistake this, Ma, This is not love
It's lust
No cuddles and hugs
This is for floor and rugs

Time 4 some action (4x)

Yo the sweat on your body
It creates a sink
No liquor no pills only that's gets me bent
I'm loving your clothes especially the prints
Get it?
The prints

Time 4 some action (4x)

Hey, you ain't know I was a nasty guy
You say you wanna flash me right
You know only I could smash you right
Well all right

Time for some action (4x)

It's time for some action (uh oh)
What can you imagine (uh oh)
Its time for some action (uh oh)
What can you imagine (uh oh)

Whoa-Oh (12x)

I see what's going on
I been sitting all along waiting away, 'n I'm so tired

Time for some action (2x)

I ain't got nothing to say,
Nothing to do, but I been waiting for so long, and I think. I think. I think I'm through.

Time for some action (4x)

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