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This song is by N-Tune.

A: Pinky, you get ready to go! Square?
B: Yeah man why?
A: Because of these lessons you might know what you want before ya let it out!
B: Only let nobody know nothing! All You need to know is about get in my car and right out...
A: You want just scene
B: I got this cute little guy about the means...
A: Cute little guy?!
B: Get out!

(Chorus:) Everybody loses someone they know (they know)
Make sure you say you love them before they go (They go)
Everybody loses someone they know
La la la la la la...

(Rap:) It's a crying shame but whose to blame
We're all living in the world that's crazy as starnge
You might leave the house and never return again
Are all with you mind as filled with chest pain
Now you're in my brain yelling like you are insane
Sending signals to love that's now you febsure (?) the brain
Acting like a fool, thinkin' if it wasn't for me
She probably be in home, cookin' food and watching TV

(Rap:) Before mami died, she didn't lie to drugs
I never gave her log, I never gave her hug
She didn't lie to bad so I couldn't sneak to hood
I lost respect, she never did the things in life that should
Woke up in life with bad, missundastood
And that's the problem in this dirrty **s neighbourhood
So if I look in the sky I'm throwin' up a smile
Becuz I know she is up ahead shinin' on me now

(Talking:) I shouldn't have to lay down and die to become a legend
I mean... it's funny how we take each other for granted on this planet
Everybody's in such a rush
Thinkin' damn hurry up they may miss the bus
You might thinking I'm making a big fuss
But showin' you're love that you care is a muss
It's a muss

(Rap:) One day, looking away from the camp-play and one day mines won't think one way
It's really sad, our kids don't have a safe place to play
By the way, did somebody make you shout, did they make you mad,
Made your head turn away and walk away
I don't know (I don't know)
It's the death wants to kill you slow, way to go
Yo, we're all ready to go, so show me some love before the final birthday-go

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