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The Seventh Sign

This song is by Mystic Circle and appears on the album Damien (2002).

The earth will divide and the beast will rise from it
Thunder and storms announce his war
The antichrist senses that his enemy is close
The birth of the holy child is approaching

Only the seven daggers of Megiddo can kill him
The only wordly thing that can harm him
The seven signs of the apocalypse to have shown themselves
The son of the devil will be powerful
Disasters and misery draw near
The world standing close to the abyss
Armies of darkness prepare
To start the final fight

Unholy the latter days have started
The signs have proves to be true
The hole ones fear for their lives
The prophets praise their verse

The sea runs dry and the lakes become deserts
Everything moral is reserved
New crusaders are joining forces
To drive the seven daggers in his flesh

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