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The Very Best Of (2001)Edit

Mystic (ES) - The Very Best Of

The Very Best Of

  1. Spirit of Ibiza
  2. Get Mystic
  3. In a Different World
  4. Spirit of Ibiza (TNT mix)
  5. Ride on the Rhythm (Extended mix)
  6. Into the Sun
  7. Ritmo de la Noche
  8. Viva el Verano (Extended mix)
  9. Endless Summer
  10. Yo te Quiero
  11. Satellite of Dreams
  12. Brazil Brazil
  13. Corazon
  14. Vamos a Rio
  15. Everybody Salsa (Full version)
  16. Barracuda (Full version)
  17. Spirit of Ibiza (Extended mix)

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Band members:

  • Maria Chica Sanchez
  • Mark Wade


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