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​Eddie's Dance

This song is by Mystery Slang and appears on the album Venus Grove (1991).

Eddie staggers forth
He stutters on a brew can
He wink and a smile
He looks like something Lee Marvin spat out
His black face all twisted up
Hey let's go over to Pop's and have a party
We jog along with his weird accent
Hey yeah
Smashing his fist on the door
Pop lets out a yell now he's shimmying round the sofa
"Hey Smoke turn that record over and let's all dance"
Eddie's dance
Everybody laughing and passing round the drinks
Linda lights up a cigarette
And Billy threw up in the sink
Eddie shouts "hey gimme that draw man"
Why don't you turn up the bass"
Jimmy's juggling glasses
And Mike fell asleep on his face
Hey yeah
That's Eddie's dance
You'll find him down the stairs at Angelo's
With the girls all intertwined
Or on the corner of Westbound Park
Shouting deals along the line
He'll be spinning yarns in the Golden Cross
He'll keep them all amused but when it's late and you gotta roll
You'll catch him down the blues
That's Eddie's dance
I said let's all dance
To Eddie's dance
Come on come on