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​Billy Hit The Ten Ball

This song is by Mystery Slang and appears on the album Venus Grove (1991).

Shot him dead with a long fingered spider-walk
Standing on the tables laughing his head off
Shouting Billy take the ten ball
When you've got five minutes to win
Against the Irish twins
And ten pounds on a game of chance
And you're loose and running on four star
Billy hit the ten ball man
It's like counting on someone showing up
Or wading through swamp-mud
When he yells and stands on a chair
"Any you bums got the guts to take the ten ball yeah"
With a sack full of gin and Billy saying 'come on in'
Hit the ten ball
We're like hunchbacks running down the road
Hissing like snakes on a cattle grill
Hit the ten ball Billy
We ran and ran out of breath
Stood on the corner of Portobello and West
Flipped a coin in the Soho rain
Woke up in jail and rattle those chains yeah
Hit the ten ball
You hit the ten ball Billy
Hit the ten ball
Hey gimme a shot of Seven Dwarfs
Double on domino
And you're making a bet
Take a pull on that bottle
And you're covered in sweat
Hit the ten ball baby
You hit the ten ball babe yeah